Confidentiality police

PLW Group commits not to spread your personal data or any other information given, neither free nor paying for it.

Even when PLW World Group guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data, if we need to spread it for purposes related to the gathering of data, PLW Group would give this information to the following entities:
- Societies, subsidiary companies, associated or filial, PLW Group’s other companies managed exclusively or in conjunction.
- Any other person who has committed not to spread this personal data contracting this obligation with PLW Group.
- Financial entities, Credit cards issuing entities, reference offices or Credit information or collection companies in charge of establishing and support the payment of the required services.
- This personal data can be given to those who have permission to access to this information according to the applicable regulations, only if they can demonstrate that they have this authority.

For example, if we received a judicial order asking us to give some personal data of one of our clients, PLW Group will proportion that information to the person responsible of the judicial order.

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