Ethical code

Our mission consists in gathering information to reduce to the minimum our client’s commercial risks, protecting their interests and offering quality control services. The basement of our procedures and commercial activities is a solid Ethical Code. PLW World Group promotes a business spirit based on the following premises:
- Integrity and independence
- Transparency and security
- Observance of the applicable rules and regulations

Integrity and independence

The success of PLW World Group is based in the integrity of its employees that are guided by the following premises:
- The employees of PLW World Group won’t accept presents or favors, neither personals nor familiar, of the company’s clients or providers. The infringement of this rule will be penalized with the dismissal of the employee.
- The employees of PLW World Group must accuse any corrupt activity related to the Company. The infringement of this rule will be penalized with the dismissal of the employee.
- PLW World Group’s employees won’t acquire shares from providers companies, clients or from competitors, directly or through intermediaries.
- In the commercial transactions, must be avoid having conflicts of interests or performing activities that can be understood as a conflict of interests.

Transparency and security
- The business activity will be developed according to the international criteria for inspections and following the specific instructions given by the client.
- In comply with the actual labor regulation of China and Bangladesh, our equipment of inspectors won’t work for factories that employ kids under 14 years old (Bangladesh) or under 16 years old (China). In case the factory inflicts this regulation, the inspectors must inform the client.
- We inform regularly our clients about the circumstances of matter that affect their requirements.
- Our employees won’t reveal any confidential information, including client’s lists, transaction’s data or any other information or software.
- Observance of the norms and regulations.

If you want to consult our company’s normative regarding confidentiality and personal data protection given during the signup process, consult the Confidentiality Policy section.

PLW Group commits to observe the countries legislation and normative in which the services of quality control and audits take place.

We commit to deal exclusively with suppliers that observe the labor conditions regarding minor’s employment observing the local normative. PLW Group will interrupt any commercial relation with those suppliers that don’t observe the labor conditions regulation and accuse those activities to the local authorities

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