The control of quality processes, used materials, manufactured products, quantity of pieces shipped and way of shipping, represent a crucial step to reduce risks during importations.

PLW Group offers an Inspection in origin service, unique in our country. This service allows the company to carry some controls and verifications in the place of manufacture, packaging and container loading.

We have a team of 200 inspectors that live in Asia. They are specialized in Quality control processes and have a considerable trajectory

The service consists on the following inspections:
Pre-production Verification – IPC (Initial Production Check): Inspections at the beginning of the production chain to control the quality of components and materials used.
During Production Inspection - DUPRO (During Production Check): The fulfillment of contractual obligations regarding technical aspects, packaging characteristics, packaging and labeling are verified.
Pre Shipment Inspection – (PSI) Pre Shipment Inspection: Inspections to verify that the production batch fulfill the requirements demanded by the company.
Container load inspection: Inspections to be carried out in the manufacturer store or in the seller’s facilities. The quantity and quality of items of the batch are verified. Then, the load of the container is verified, inspecting the container health and the way the products are loaded.

PLW World Group has an Intranet System that allows you to coordinate an inspection with 48hs forehand and make a detailed inform in the next 24 hs after finished the inspection.

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