Each country has its own legal framework that specifies the quality and safety characteristics that each product must have to be commercialized. Our knowledge regarding the rules and regulations that the products must observe, turn us into a unique consulting company capable of offering an Integral service able to meet the different technical, legal and design exigencies that your company has.

We offer an Integral Service throughout a permanent coordination between the different departments that form our structure:
- Processing of Certifications and Legal Assessment
- Inspections in Origin
- Technical Development of Products
- Graphic Design and Communication
- Product’s Tests
- Product’s development

Why are quality controls essential?

The quality controls are a key factor in the Companies success when dealing with Asian suppliers.

The strict quality inspections and factory audit that PLW World Group perform in Asia help the companies reduce the risks associated with a bad quality production, load processes, storage and shipping involved, or the regulation’s infractions; knowing the problems of production in advance as well as delays in the shipping; guarantee the observance of the contractual obligations regarding technical data, packaging, labeling and delivery; detect potential problems before the delivery or distribution; establish and maintain a high performance supplier’s base in Asia and reduce costs.

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